The Incredible Shrinking Phallus


Meditations on privilege


I am working on shrinking my phallus, my source of masculine power in the world, through meditations on my privilege and types of oppressions.

I am a white (mostly Italian), queer, genderqueer trans man. I’m currently able bodied-ish, with a history of emotional disabilities/mental “illness”. I grew up middle-to-lower middle class. I’m from and live in the US. I’m fat and Jewish.

I have BAs in English Literature and Secondary Education and a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies and am starting MA programs in English Literature and Gender and Cultural Studies this fall.

After going twenty-one years not knowing how to get angry at anyone but myself, I am pissed off. This is where I try to work some of it out.

You can contact me at atgmaildotcom with thoughts, problems, or tips.

You can also find me on Twitter; my reading blogs; and a small, good thing, my list of good things. I generally go by another constellation on blogs (on Blogger I’m Wallflower Extraordinaire). I have a blogging problem.

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